1. keitorin71 said: Your art is beautiful <3

    Thank you!! :D I’m glad you like my work.
    Feel free to stop by and visit my tumblr any time you’d like!

  2. toumaki- hanahaki byou

    It’s basically a fictional disease that makes you barf flowers when you’re with someone you love

    It doen’t sound as romantic as it did when i first heard about it now that i have it sumed up like that but i thought it was really sweet

  3. wip but i highly doubt if i’ll ever finish it…. so… yeah. 

    here it is.

    Shinkai x Manami

    someone please ship this with me

  4. My own colored version of this :D

    Maki in heels! yay!

  5. Maki-chan line art exchange with Aran! ( aaaaran )

    Line art by me, Gavitch and coloring by Aran.

    I’ll try to color this on my own later maybe…?

    +feel free to color it, but just give me credit and message me where you uploaded your work ;)

  6. my improvement meme :D!

    remember: Don’t let anybody tell you that something isn’t meant for you.
    hard work and constancy always pays off ;)